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新潟紅葉4d のコピー.jpg

新潟紅葉_2d のコピー.jpg

Mt. Hikoneyamain, in Niigata prefecture, is famous in that people can look around the Sea of Japan and the whole mountain that turns red in autumn. Unfortunately all the colored leaves felt when they climbed and the Sea of Japan was stormy. It is said that the season for colored leaves of this year started earlier for approximately two weeks in comparison with an average year. It drizzled all day, although, they enjoyed the autumn colors of the foot the mountain.
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 会津武家屋敷、そして袋田の滝を訪れた時の紅葉をアップしてから3週間が経ち、北アルプスが本格的に冬の纏をする頃に成ったがこれから今年の11月に撮った飯田、新潟の紅葉をアップするという。我猫ジローの主人は“少年老い易く学成り難し、光陰矢の如し”を“老人ますます老い易く学成り難し、光陰弾丸の如し”と感じているようだ。  10月に名古屋に出かけた際に11月に信州の飯田線をはしる飯田線秘境駅号のポスターを目にした主人達は早々予約したが既に売り切れていた。列車に乗れないなら見に行こうと出かけた。

飯田線_00001c のコピー.jpg

飯田線_00002c のコピー.jpg

飯田線_00003c のコピー.jpg

紅葉の中を走る飯田線秘境駅号  special train running in colored leaves

Three weeks passed after uploading the autumn colors in the Tohoku area. The Northern Alps is wearing a white dress, nowadays. Though, my master wants to show the other autumn colors taken in the south of Shinshu and Niigara prefecture.
When they went to Nagoya, they knew that there was a special of the limitation in autumn to run in the Iida line to see a poster. They were going to make a reservation, but had been already sold out. My master said, “Let’s go to watch a train, if we cannot get on it”.

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家老家の門 The gate of the house of chief retainer


家老家の居間 The living room of the house of chief retainer


大内宿1 縁側に秋が飾られている Ouuchijuku (Post town) 1 Autumn is displayed in the Engawa (porch)

美術館4 のコピー.jpg

大内宿2 民家の庭先 Ouuchijuku (Post town) 2 Garden of the post-town house


大内宿3 街道沿いの江戸時代からの家並み Ouuchijuku (Post town) 3 The arrangement of houses from the Edo era along the street


袋田の滝 The Fukurodanotaki


紅葉にバンジージャンプ(長さ日本一の竜神大吊橋) Bungee-jump to colored leaves (Yuujinooturibashi-bridge)

My master’s wife is a member of the local art museum. The training trip of two days and one night was held in Tohoku on the Culture Day (November 3). My Jiro’s master participated in member families. They visited Ouuchijiku, an important traffic point as a post station during the Edo period. They also visited the samurai house of the late Tokugawa period. After watching these old man-made beautiful buildings, they enjoyed a beautiful waterfall of nature, Fukuroda-fall.
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前穂高岳 Mt.Maehodaka in the evening


奥穂高岳ー前穂高岳 Mt.Okuhodaka and Mt.Maehodake


大正池 the Taisho Pond early in the morning


焼岳 Mt.Yakedake


西穂高岳ー奥穂高岳  Mt.Nishidake and Mt.Okuhotakadake


小梨平から   a blue-sky, snowy white and colored leaves


乗鞍岳遠望   Mt.Norikuradake

 It has been said, “Splendid colored leaves are not expected under the influence of the long rain and typhoons”. So, Jiro’s master was not so happy and dropped a shoulder this year. Just two weeks ago, the stationary cold front over Japan progressed south. He noticed the mountains whitened in cold morning and shouted that it was the first snowcap. In the evening of that day, Jiro’s master and his wife reserved the hotel near the Kamikouchi to take photos. They enjoyed the beauty of the evening landscape of the Japan Alps. Next morning, they went to the Taisho Pond by taxi early in the morning at 5:30 and then visited the Kappa Bridge. At there, they were fascinated a blue-sky, snowy white and colored leaves.
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DSC_1702 のコピー 2.jpg


My Jiro’s masters went back to their town from Mexico, and one week passed. They stayed in the Isla Mujeres island, approximately 30 minutes from resort Cancun by a high-speed ferry, for a little less than three weeks. The last Sunday, they drove to the Norikura high-land and found the “Autumnal scenery”. It was high cloudy, however, they were enjoying to see the mountain range of Norikura and colored leaves of trees. On the next day, my master drove again by himself to the Norikura, and found a maple tree, which was so colored. It is said that the leaves of this tree become brighter more than general colored leaves, because the front and the back of the each leaf turns red. Why? As for the leaves, both side of the leaf are exposed to sunlight equally by the wind from the Mt. Norikura.
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乗鞍岳_00005修正aa のコピー.jpg

乗鞍岳_00003修正aa のコピー.jpg

乗鞍岳_00002修正aa のコピー.jpg

槍穂高遠望 モノクロA のコピー 2.jpg

One memory of the mountain in summer

The price of vegetables and sanma (Pacific saury) is going up, now.  The bottom causes are both the summer lack of sunshine and the seawater warming. The weather of the mountain in this summer was also bad, so, it was hard time for the photographer of the mountain. Nekojiro’s master climbed up the mountain, only one time! He says he will upload some photographs when he and his wife climbed Norikuradake in the end of July.
Judging from a weather char, they thought they would enjoy brightness of the stars above the Northern Alps Mountains. Unfortunately, they had a thunderstorm of the evening and were caught in the rain until early in the morning. The rain was benefits upon flowers. They made lively.

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虹の彼方に  Somewhere over the rainbow

 “悪魔ののど笛”を散策後、旅の最終目的地アルゼンチン・ブラジル・パラグアイの三国国境地帯に向かう.イグアスの滝を離れ、しばらくすると車窓からみえる草原地帯と散在する町並みが赤みを帯びてくる.その景観に突然ジュディー・ガーランドが歌う「虹の彼方に」が我猫ジローの主人の頭の中を駆け巡る.60数年間の間に貯めた記憶の中で赤みを帯びた町並みと魔法使いオズが住むというエメラルドの都が結びついたのであろう.雨期に跳ね上がる泥水が赤いならそれが目立たなくするように家から電信柱まで赤く塗っておこうという発想に驚く.イグアスの滝で虹を見、澄んだ青空も「虹の彼方に」を思い出させたのだろう.  三国境界点に立つ.ジュディー・ガーランドは“Bluebirds fly. Birds fly over the rainbow.”と歌う.鳥も川の流れも国境線には無頓着なようだ.   モニュメントに別れを告げ、これから25時間のフライトの出発点となるイグアス空港に向かう.

バス  のコピー.jpg

今回乗った観光バス、イグアス公園内のバスは全てが新しい車であった.これは環境保全のために2年で車両を変える規約によるためという.ジャングル内の輸送は電気自動車であった. For environmental conservation, new cars and electric cars are used in the National Park.

DSC02583 のコピー 2.jpg

蝶 のコピー.jpg

道路も町並みも赤い.電柱も下の部分が赤く塗られている.蝶も赤に映える. Both the road and the cityscape are red, and the lower part of utility poles are painted red.  The butterfly, on a red-road.

DSC02586 のコピー.jpg
三国国境地帯.右奥から手前に流れるのがイグアス川で右上のブラジルとアルゼンチの間を流れパラナ川に合流する.パラナ川の左側がパラグアイである. In this photo, the Iguassu river flows out of the right side and joins the Parana river. The Iguassu river flows between Brazil (upper part of the photo) and Argentina (lower part), the Parana river between Paraguay and both Brazil and Argentina.

Somewhere over the rainbow

After trekking in "the windpipe of the devil", Jiro’s masters got in their bus to go to the “Tripoint” of Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay, which was the last destination of their tour. They saw the red earth and the red cityscape from the bus window. These scenes put "Somewhere over the rainbow", which Judy Garland sang, into master’s brain. Probably he found some kind of common points in the red cityscape and the emerald capital in the wizard of Oz in his old memory. They paint houses and telephone poles in red, because the red-paintings make them less noticeable if muddy jumping up in the wet season.
They came to the three boundary marks. Judy Garland sang, “Bluebirds fly. Birds fly over the rainbow.”  Both birds and the flow of the rivers seem to be unconcerned about the borderline.
They said good-bye to the monument and went to the Iguassu airport. It is a starting point of the 25-hour flight to Japan.

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イグアスの滝 II

今日はアルゼンチン側からイグアスの滝を散策するという。昨日同様に曙色の空をみる。暑くなりそうだ。半袖で行きたいところが虫対策のため長袖長ズボンに身を包んで出かけた。1100メーターの幅がある“悪魔ののど笛”Devil’s Throatでは奥さんの声が聞こえない程の轟音に肝を潰す。南米らしいカラフルな蝶を目にして昆虫少年の頃を思い出す主人であった。

DSC_0776 のコピーa a a.jpg

イグアスの滝をアルゼンチン側から散策1 Watching the Iguassu falls from the Argentina side 1.

DSC_0860 のコピーa a.jpg

イグアスの滝をアルゼンチン側から散策2 Watching the Iguassu falls from the Argentina side 2.

DSC_0914 のコピーa.jpg

イグアスの滝をアルゼンチン側から散策3 Watching the Iguassu falls from the Argentina side 3.

DSC_0892 のコピーa.jpg

イグアスの滝をアルゼンチン側から散策4 Watching the Iguassu falls from the Argentina side 4.

蝶1a a.jpg

チョウチョ1. Butterflies 1.

蝶2 a .jpg

チョウチョ2. Butterflies 2.

Iguassu falls II

Today they will watch the Iguassu falls from the Argentina side. Beginning color in the early morning is the same as that of last day, so my master thinks it may be hot. They want to go there with short sleeves and short pants, though they wear both long sleeves and pants to prevent to be bitten by insects. My master is surprised at a roaring sound, as he does not hear the voice of his wife in “windpipe Devil’s Throat”.
He watches several colorful butterflies, remembering the time when he collected butterflies at childhood.


イグアスの滝 I

 ブラジル側のイグアスのホテルで目覚める。ビルの合間からのご来光に奥さんはビデオを回す。一昨日クスコからリマに戻り、昨日リマからイグアスに空路で移動してきた。移動時間は4時間程度であったから十分に体を休めることが出来たようだ。控えめだがしっかりと朝食がとれた。今日の午前中は“イグアスの滝ヘリコプター遊覧飛行”、午後はイグアスの滝をブラジル側から約300の滝を下から見上げる散策ツアーに参加し、その後ボートで滝にまで行くイグアスの滝の人気アクティビティに参加すると言う。体調の回復に感謝。  既に乾季に入りイグアスの滝の水量は減っている時期だが雨季並に水量があるという。ピスコの空港でドイツ人夫婦にイグアスでは雨の中の散策であったと聞いたがその影響と思われる。広大なジャングルに幾筋かの川がありそれがイグアスの滝に集まっているのを空から見ると少しの雨でも膨大な水量になる事は推し量られる。

イグアスの滝1a b.jpg

曙色の空をホテルの窓からみる Beginning color in the early morning from the hotel window


イグアスの滝ヘリコプター遊覧飛行1. 機内から撮影. 広大なジャングルをゆったりと流れる. Waterfall helicopter sight-seeing flight 1. Photograph it from the helicopter.  The flow of the river was very slow.


イグアスの滝ヘリコプター遊覧飛行2 機内から撮影. 水は我先にと一気に流れ込む. Waterfall helicopter sight-seeing flight 2. Photograph it from the helicopter.


イグアスの滝をブラジル側から散策1-1 Watching the Iguassu falls from the Brazilian side 1-1.

イグアスの滝4abaa .jpg

イグアスの滝をブラジル側から散策1-2 パノラマ写真 Watching the Iguassu falls from the Brazilian side 1-2. Panoramic photo.

イグアスの滝5a a.jpg

イグアスの滝をブラジル側から散策2 Watching the Iguassu falls from the Brazilian side 2.


イグアスの滝をブラジル側から散策3 Watching the Iguassu falls from the Brazilian side 3.


イグアスの滝をブラジル側から散策4 Watching the Iguassu falls from the Brazilian side 4.

イグアスの滝8aa a.jpg

イグアスの滝をブラジル側から散策5 Watching the Iguassu falls from the Brazilian side 5.

イグアスの滝9a aa.jpg

イグアスの滝をブラジル側から散策6 Watching the Iguassu falls from the Brazilian side 6.

Iguassu falls I

The Iguassu falls, Victoria Falls, is a large waterfall on the boarder between Argentina and Brazil.
Jiro’master waked in a hotel, which is located in the Brazilian side. His wife took video in the view of the sunrise, which came in the valley of the buildings. They came back to Lima from Cusco the day before yesterday and moved to Iguassu yesterday in an air route from Lima. It took only 4 hours flight, so he seemed to be able to take a rest enough. He got small breakfast about six-tenth of stomach. They took a hard schedule, a sightseeing of the waterfalls by helicopter flight, then participating a walk tour to look up at approximately 300 waterfalls rom the Brazilian side and then participating in the popular activity of the waterfall of Iguassu, going on a boat to the basin of the waterfalls. He thanked for recovery of the physical condition.
It is said that there is quantity of water of the waterfall of Iguassu like wet season, even though the dry season already begins. He heard from a German couple at the airport of Pisco that they walked in the heavy rain in the Iguassu falls. The quantity of water of the river might increase because of rain at that time. My master recognized several large rivers in the very large jungle from the sky.


クスコ コルプス・クリスティ祭

 我猫ジローの主人はインカ道からホテルに戻り上機嫌で夕食を楽しんだ。ビールも最高と言った。2時間ほどしてから激しい腹痛と下痢にみまわれ一晩中トイレに通った。奥さんも今回の旅はこれ以上無理と思ったようだ。脱水にならぬようにとコカ茶をこまめに飲んだのが良かったのか朝方には下痢はおさまった。ラッキーなことに列車は4人乗りのスペースを使うことが出来、チャーターしていたバスでは後部座席で横になることが出来たことでゆっくり休息がとれた。奥さんがクスコ市内観光と生演奏付きの昼食を楽しんでいるとき主人は水分補給をしながらバスの後部座席で待っていた。  クスコ市内はインティライミInti Raymiと同じく毎年6月(年により5月)に行われる「Corpus Christiコルプス・クリスティ祭」で大変な賑わいであったという。Corpus Christiの日はペルー全土では平日だが、インカの都クスコでは祝日になり、クスコの人々にはとって大切なお祭りだという。メキシコで見た人間ピラミッドもやってたよと奥さんは語る。調べてみると、人間の塔“Castellers ”はスペインのカタルーニャ地方の伝統的な風物詩らしい。年一回のお祭りに出会えるとは運が良い。  今回は奥さんが撮影した写真をアップするという。

クスコ市内1 Cusco city sightseeing 1


クスコ市内2 Cusco city sightseeing 2


クスコ市内3 Cusco city sightseeing 3


12角の石 La Piedra de los Doce Ángulos

民族衣装 のコピー.jpg

民族衣装で着飾ったモデルさんと With the model who dressed up in folk costume


レストランで生演奏を楽しむ Enjoying live performance at a restaurant

人間の塔 のコピー.jpg

コルプス・クリスティ祭 人間の塔 The Corpus Christi festival, human being tower

Cusco - Corpus Christi Festival -

Jiro’s master came back to the hotel from the Inca road and enjoyed dinner in high spirits. The beer was called the best. He was hit by intense abdominal pain and diarrhea after taking dinner for approximately two hours and went to the restroom overnight. The wife seemed to think that this trip was impossible to continue and to forget Iguassu falls. The diarrhea was relieved in early in the morning whether he should have had drunk coca tea diligently to prevent a dehydration. For a lucky thing, the train was not crowded, so he was able to use the space of four people by himself alone. He also took rest in all rear seats by bus, which they chartered. When his wife enjoyed Cusco city sightseeing and lunch with live performance, he was waiting in the rear seat of the bus. He took only mineral water.
In the Cusco city, she said that it was serious turnout by " Corpus Christi festival”, which was carried out in June (by a year May) every year as well as Inti Raymi. A day of Corpus Christi is weekdays in the whole land of Peru, but it is in capital Cusco of the Inca civilization on a holiday, and it is said that it is an important festival to people of Cusco. His wife told that she saw a human being tower, which we saw in Mexico. He called up Human tower "Castellers" of the Spanish Catalonia district. It was lucky for her to be able to come across an annual festival. This time he showed photos taken by his wife.

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